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5 Steps for a Successful World News Detox

5 Steps for a Successful World News Detox

5 Steps for a Successful World News Detox 1

Catching up on the news is easier than ever. Instead of buying a newspaper, you can simply scroll through what’s going on in the world on your smartphone. Everything is constantly right in front of your eyes. It is tempting and almost impossible not to read through all the current events.

Reading daily news articles is a centuries old habit many of us are accustomed to. For some, it is a necessity. What would happen if you missed out on some super important details about the upcoming election or pandemic? What if there is a new law to be aware of? Or a huge scandal? Sometimes, knowing what’s up can be super useful! Is it always healthy though? 

The news can sometimes bum us out! Reading about all the tragedies going on in the world can make one lose sleep! Always reminding ourselves about the darkness of the world can make the world around us dark. Sinking into a deep, dark depression and losing faith in humanity are side-effects of continuously reading the news.

Give yourself a break from all the world’s problems. We all need to sit back and relax at times. Focus in on your inner world, the only one you can truly change directly. Having the news right under your finger tips makes taking time off much harder… but don’t worry, we are here to help you. Here are 5 steps for a successful world news detox.

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Avoiding a world news detox, will lead to mental burn out.  Take a break, before the news breaks you!

Step 1: Get rid of temptation

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Shutting everything down can be extremely tempting. Turn off all electronics and the news won’t bother you! Right? Well, not quite.

Turning off all your electronics for a couple hours is not a problem for most people but, turning off your phone for days at a time is never a good idea. What if there is an emergency or a family member or friend trying to reach you?

Shutting off everything will also make it that much harder to not look. Wanting things you can’t do is a human instinct. Abruptly banning all connection to the outside world is bound to make you relapse into old habits very quickly.

Rather than turning everything off, you can turn off notifications from certain applications on your phone. Turn off notifications from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, CNN or wherever you get your daily dose of new from.

Seeing interesting notifications about current events when you are trying to call your mother means you are more tempted to click on them. If you are detoxing for a longer time period, consider deleting these apps temporarily. Don’t forget to remember your password though! Disabling notifications from certain apps or, deleting them altogether, is a fantastic step to start your news detox. 

Step 2: Alternatives 

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A World news detox can be simply reading more positive things for a while!

Now that you have rid yourself of tempting headlines it is time to figure out what to do with all of that free time. Many people catch up on the news on their way to work or during breakfast. Replace that habit with a new one. Think of it like replacing nail biting with chewing gum. Something similar, yet different.

Swap the News for a book you’ve been meaning to read. If books are not your thing, you can always read a magazine instead. There are countless magazines to choose from. Fashion, home decor, gardening, music and much more. Want something a bit more digital? Play a game. Some games are great for activating the mind and getting you to think critically.Popular choices are Plants vs. Zombies, Temple Run, Minecraft PE, Best Fiends and Candy Crush Saga. Still not satisfied? Solve crossword puzzles or get into the world of sudoku.

Just do something, anything that has nothing to do with the news. You choices are truly endless. Ask yourself what you like? What did you do before you checked the news so often? 

Step 3: Awareness 

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So you’ve rid yourself of unnecessary notifications and started a must-read thriller. Step three is all about making sure other people you are in contact with know what you are doing. Completely isolating yourself from social interaction is definitely not ideal and, even impossible for most. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Tell your friends you would rather not discuss the news. Does you mother always talk about what she reads in the daily newspaper? Then tell her you’d like to talk about the beautiful weather instead. Try to find topics other than news. There is so much more to talk about. Talk about a movie or TV show you recently saw or things you find interesting about the universe. Ask your friend about her career or if they know any new recipes.

Have no idea what conversations should be about? Here are a few ideas. Try switching up your regular conversations. Maybe you’ll inspire your social circle to follow in your footsteps. Your discussions may be forever altered for the better. Besides, isn’t it more fascinating to ponder the limitlessness of the galaxy than to discuss the confusing daily Covid stats?

Step 4: Make it into a routine 

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Routines are useful. We are introduced to them at an early age and generally have a tendency to follow them. An example is brushing your teeth every night before you go to sleep. Or, going to the gym every Monday. These are things many of us do without thinking twice about them. Apply this concept to a detox. Set yourself specific days or times when you will not consume any news articles or reports. Ease into it by starting slowly.

If you are going for a daily detox, start by not catching up on the news on Sundays. Once you have mastered this, add another day. You may even end up avoiding the news every other day. An hourly detox is also great. News keeping you up late? Firmly decide that you will not immerse yourself in the news from 5p.m. till the next day. Choose times that make sense for you.

Exchange the news slot for mediation, recreation, anything else… It can be a book like in step 2 if it is hourly. If you are undertaking a daily-detox, it may be wise to do something more time-consuming. Join a book club, movie discussion group or sports team. Tennis is pretty safe during Covid! Just wash hands and find an empty parking lot. Start painting, playing an instrument or just taking long walks. Hobbies can sometimes be overshadowed by checking the news. Who wants to paint a portrait when they’ve just read about someone being kidnapped? Making a new routine for yourself will not just benefit your mental state, it will also open your eyes to a new world of things you would not have had the mental availability, or time to do before.

Step 5: Go easy on yourself and those around you

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NEWSFLASH: Everyone is a bit anxious and depressed right now. Our world has been flipped upside down. Be kind :)

It is always important to respect other people’s opinions as long as they respect yours. Forcing your friends to avoid talking about the news is not great if they desperately want to. As long as they are not trying to make you aware of current events on purpose, you should refrain from controlling them. A further point is to go easy on yourself. Avoiding the news forever is not what you should be striving for.

Some things such as the Black Lives Matter movement and a change of regulations regarding the coronavirus pandemic are things the general public should be aware of. Being well-informed and knowledgable about the world is an asset. Don’t disconnect completely. A detox like this is for your metal well-being.

Sometimes the atrocities going on in the world can be too overwhelming and reading about them can make one extremely upset. If you notice that you have been getting sad very often, find out why. If the cause of your unhappiness is the news, it is safe to say that you need some time off. Being un-informed and not knowing about important events is not the goal, taking a break for the sake of your own sanity is. 

Going on a world news detox is no easy task. Be patient with yourself and you may change your life for the better.

We all need a break sometimes. It doesn’t make sense to mentally exhaust yourself. So go ahead, ignore the headlines for some time. Just don’t forget to check up on them once in a while. Stay up to date while also staying happy, inspired and full of hope. 

Have you ever done a news detox? Share your experience with us and tell us what measures you took to ignore the headlines. Here is some Good news happening to save our Canadian venues!

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