Draw larger to become better. On Thursday July 17th the Zoofest Creative Conference, brought to you by Bite Size and Scion Original present an amazing lineup of world class creators to talk about their ideas. The conferences, talks and discussions happening are designed to give you the right tools to develop your creative processes and succeed with the challenges around you.

A brief intro on the guest speakers, from start to finish @ the Zoofest 2014 Creativity Conference.

Guillaume Tessier 
Co-producer and photo director @ MSP Films, Guillaume is a pioneer and part initiator of the Freeski movement, with over 20 years of experience in the sports film industry. In the past years, he led teams of MSP films in the production of masterpieces, winning several awards along the way. Ending a two years project, Guillaume is coming to talk about his passion, creativity surrounding the sports film production, how to fund such projects and he will reveal a worldwide exclusive, the new trailer of their upcoming opus “Days of my youth”, an MSP films productions in collaboration with Red Bull media house.

Jean-Louis Gusiew

Founder and general director @ Geometry Global, Jean Louis is first an foremost an active storyteller and world class marketer – the true definition of a Mad Men. He has worked for various agencies, including Leo Burnett in Chicago. Co-founder of DBMP in Paris and was responsible for the introduction of Corona Extra beer into a very conservative market, and awarded for a very innovative approach in targeting women. He held other prestigious positions including Group Account Director of Coca Cola Brazil Sport Promotion for the France 98 World Cup.

Over the last 11 years, Jean Louis has leveraged his multi-disciplinary experience in driving an integrated communication approach, most recently as managing director of Ogilvy Action Quebec since 2009. In 2014, the firm merged with G2 and JTW Action to create the world’s largest activation network, Geometry Global.

Julien Abril
Co-founder and president @ Graphic Emotions, Julien’s standpoint as an entrepreneur allows him to meet and collaborate with a number of partners from different backgrounds. He has successfully participated in, as well as launched a variety of projects in all around the world includes “The Independence of Gabon in Libreville”; ‘Virgin Galactic” launch at Louis Vuitton in Paris; The 1st Immersive short film rendition of “Yuga” in Montreal; and more recently a project by Google celebrating TED’s anniversary and working with Jennifer Lopez in Dubai.

In his presentation, Julien talks about the power of 3d mapping, the creative behind the project and how to become an international success.

Jean Trudel

Founder of 25stanley.com, it has become one of the most reliable sources in hockey and one of the most important sports blogs in Canada. Aligning multiple scoops and quoted by TMZ as well as by the New York Times, Jean Trudel, out of nothing, developed a loyal audience with exclusive, exciting, different content and considered a serious competitor to any traditional source of sports including RDS and TVA Sports.

During the conference, he explains the foundation of a blog, creating an international network, the ABC of a viral news and how to be resourceful against the millions that traditional medias have.

Last but not least a world class line up of comedians laying out the road map to their successful careers:

Casey Neistat(New York, USA)

Casey is a New York-based filmmaker. He is a writer, director, editor and star of the series The Neistat Brothers on HBO and also won the John Cassavetes Award at the Independent Spirit Awards 2012 for the production of Daddy Long Legs’ movie. In recent years, he focused on the creation of a dozen short films, working with Nike, Mercedes Benz, JCrew that he published exclusively on the Internet. Contributor of the Op-Doc New York Times series, his movies have over 70 million views in the past 3 years.

Casey offers a conference focusing on his unique narrative approach, his creative process as well as on how to stand out of the lot, especially in a place as crowded as the internet.

Kyan Khojandi (Paris, France)
Comedian, actor, writer, director, co-creator and star of the cult French series: Bref. This French television series in a shortcom format that was broadcast at the Grand Journal de Canal + and destroyed all records of audience online!

Bruno Muschio (Paris, France)
Bruno aka Navo is a comic book writer, director and writer. He is the co-creator of “Bref” and the genius behind the script and the camera.

In life, there’s beginning and at the end, we die. Between the two, we created a series. The “bref conference,” is the story of the guys between the two. For their inaugural visit to Montreal, Kyan and Bruno come to talk about their creative process surrounding “Bref”, how to manage an instant success and the after “Bref”.

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