Beyonce is no actress, although can pull off the role because she is totally type cast for it. She plays a pretty and ambitious housewife with all the high maintenance divatude and bling you would want to see in a role with her. The plot though, is a politically correct watered down version of FATAL ATTRACTION which was in my opinion wayyy better.

There are too many plot problems to get into including a serious international time zone inaccuracy when they want to call Munich… even the visuals are tired as the director had to fill in many scenes with endless L.A skyline! -ya we get it, they are in L.A!   Ironically the moral fibre attempt fails miserably when Beyonce gives herself her husbands ride as a token of forgiveness.  buying her trust back with bling  is not the best message!   But we saw it on  cheapie Tues night for $5.00 and it was worth that much for sure, just to see Beyonce and her many fine lines and hairdos. The lead male, is actually quite a good actor and supports the fort to some degree. As critical as I am being, it was a riot to watch but I still have to give it a bad review. If you are a Beyonce fan its worth your $ if not check out the other theatres!