So… what do you do if you have writers block and you have a blog? Write about the block! Creative types are not consistently motivated people, they  function more in waves of energy. Sometimes they are up and sometimes they are down.

The key is actually to produce many blogs and save them into drafts when you are feeling wordy, this way you can use your supply when ideas are scarce. However, if you are not good at planning for future blog drought, you can try the tips below:

  1. Login anyways, you never know  – you can always log back out!
  2. Write about whatever comes to mind, more of a journal entry
  3. Write part of it, then resume when the idea manifests further
  4. Write a poem, song, haiku or do a more visual report with photos
  5. Be very existential modern art, and just post up 1 word, in the dead center

(5 is probably not a great idea… your readers may not enjoy that!)

Well, this is the limit of the word blood drawn from this blog stone. I shall return with a full tank of digital alphabet soon!