It’s a long debated topic: Are video games dangerous? Well, those of you who typically defend the right to create and play violent video games might have a change of heart after seeing exactly how real this gun controller is.. Think for a minute that you have a son who has been on depression or anxiety meds most of his teen-aged years or jacked up on speedy RITALIN. Give him the added trauma of having been bullied or otherwise abused  most of his younger years and you have a very angry and disturbed young man. You may not think so because he’s a sweet mama’s boy who gets decent grades from your experience. But what if inside he is a time bomb for a school shooting. Now knowing this would you still let him get his hands on a gun controller this realistic:

The Delta SiX is a whole new type of controller that will change the way we play first-person shooting games. It was designed by David Kotkin with the help of military special ops. The Delta SiX it is a replica gun controller that will take your first-person shooter experience to a whole other level. It has a built-in accelerometer that allows you to aim by simply pointing the gun at your target. Yeah that doesn’t sound like anything new, but this controller also has realistic recoil with each trigger pull and real to life reloading with motorized bang and boom vibrations to give the shooter the sensation of real bullets being released. It also comes  with a variety of attachments in case the basic model just isn’t violent enough for you..physically speaking, well just take a look at the photo, it is black- totally pimped up and real life sized.

The problem is, no mother of a school shooter saw this coming. You just cannot imagine your baby committing such an awful crime and there is a good chance that if he was able to act out his shooter fantasies is the real world, he will be that much more desensitized. People say that it isn’t true, it helps young boys get their frustrations out. O.k well why not make child molesting video games then, it’s just fantasy right?