Sometimes, we find ourselves arguing over nothing. Commonly affecting couples who are naturally more sensitive when their significant other lashes out, this can also happen during a stressful work day or with a PMS friend. Someone can also just be in a bad mood and looking for a fight.. Cultural differences affect bickering and debating too. Europeans tend to have dinner debates, whilst North Americans would deem that uncouth. My friend works at a Greek resto, whose owners and circle of friends of Greek origin  are often heard quite fired up with elevated tones. I thought they were fighting at first until my friend explained to me that this is just an “excited discussion” for them. Like any game or invitation though, one does not have to take the bait. You have the right to remain silent, or unsubscribe from an argument you do not feel is going to enrich your life, solve a problem or make you happy. Here are key signs- this battle ain’t worth fighting for..

It is not worth arguing when?

  1. You are disinterested in the topic and do not wish to discuss it.
  2. You do not have enough knowledge to playfully engage in a debate (heated or not)
  3. You can tell the person is likely just in a sour mood and looking for problems.
  4. You can tell that no matter what you say, this person needs to win today.
  5. You can see that arguing is not evolving the conversation but rather you feel trapped in a the same broken record.
  6. You have had the same argument before.
  7. You feel the person you are arguing with, is becoming insulting and regressing in maturity in their anger.
  8. You feel the person is not mentally equipped to debate with you anyways.
  9. You feel the person’s opinion is of no interest to you, like in a political debate.
  10. You think Julia Roberts is gorgeous, they think she’s hideous. You are both aware you will never meet in-between..