Reverbnation provides us with a fresh pile of their best emerging artists every month and as I slowly sip my morning cappuccinos, I review them. Not a bad job right? It’s not easy being consistent though.. some days even a music junkie wants quiet or is too busy or has a bad cold. Regardless, I also make time to commit to getting every one heard and eventually – every one chosen blogged about.

WILLOW WAY, was one of those bands that I listened to during a very busy period. In fact I remember the exact day. It was a chilly October day, and I was feeling Summer’s gold turn into blue winds. I had a business call before I could even have a coffee, but I wanted to see what was in my Reverb box! That is when I heard “Vices” by Willow Way.  A simple song with powerful lyrics and soft duet-perfect vocals. I wanted to hear more stories, more mandolin cries and banjo punches and get another dose of soulful sisters audio, but I had to enter one of those days where time disrespects you and you feel that you are behind before you even wake up. As I went on with that day, letting my dog walk himself in the lot while I called an employee and snacking in the taxi shortly after; I thought of WILLOW WAY and how I’d rather be in Oklahoma or any southern State that is described as having little mountain ranges, prairies and hot sun. I always research the cities from the musicians I listen to.

A lover of new lands and people I enjoy seeing how someone’s geography has shaped their musical stylings. In WILLOW WAY the influence is clear. There is a bold tall grassy and very American feel to the music with a little exotic, native indian, world beat in the instrument choices and song structure. There is something repetitive and tribal and very campfire-gathering about the choruses. Amazingly, they are a little known band. A rare little audio gem worth discovering and I hope I have helped get them out there a little more.