As Montreal has been submerged in one of the most cruel (and boring) deep freezes of this century, Chinatown has been quietly awesome-ing. This tiny little square that connects Old Montreal and the Plateau is more than just a place to grab cheap General Tao and fresh ginger, it is a mini mecca of unique nightlife fun..

One thing that I have always loved about Chinatown, is that it has that train station-all walks of life energy. There is something dense and chaotic about the visuals coupled with random themes back to back, providing the ultimate set-up for a somewhat adventurous and unique evening if you actually STAY there. If you are like most people, you will go for a Viet PHO then go up the street to party. If however, you stay and just let this weird little world eat you up, you will have a different kind of evening..

You might enjoy a Mongolian hot pot with sake, then a dragon beard on a bench, then grab a Chia Fresca at Le Mal Necessaire, relax and do some good high speed internet surfing. Or you might go try a rib-eye taco n spicy guac at the new tiny industrial taco joint La Capital, then go to Beijing for desert and your fortune. (if you do not like your fortune, they give you more cookies until you do!) If it’s Summer, you can easily grab some tiny bbq pork buns at Harmonie  and sit around the wall drinking your own wine realizing that neither of you felt the rain or saw the time pass or remembered you never went on vacation.

Chinatown is fun, in fact it doesn’t even need a map pin. You can literally say to a friend “Wanna go to Chinatown and just hang out?” and a fun friend will say “Yah!” (even though he may be ‘that’ unemployed friend that’s always looking for jobs!) whereas your boring, anal over-planner might say “Mayyy-be, where exactly? What are we “doing” after?” Unfriend them immediately to make room for the people who say “Let’s share a Roasted Oolong Bubble tea at L2 Lounge! all the fun – half the calories!”