O.k so a lot of haters and ignorant masses are confused as to why HELLO by Adele is so popular. First of all, music critics who do not even like her, have had to admit the release was executed as flawlessly as her eyeliner in the video.

There are people who love the song, because they love Adele and those who recognize something truly well timed and stellar going on here.. Here is my take, from someone who appreciates her talent but does not consume her music very much.

The Fall is at the nostalgic epicenter of the 4 seasons. Days get shorter, colder and darker. What could be a better time to release a tragic break up anthem? Had she dropped it any later, people may have been too seasonally affected to LOVE it. IMHO she dropped it right on the edge of winter woes.

Biography intrigue
The fact that Adele names her albums after her age during recording, (19, 21..) gives her fans a timeline to follow and look forward to her different life phases. It really adds a very authentic slice-of-life reality show quality to her album drops. A woman beyond her years, at 25 she really owns nostalgia with HELLO.

Regret Banger
This song almost sounds like what might have happened, had it worked out longer with the man in question in her hit Someone Like You. It is one-on-one, intimate and regretful. As creatures almost incapable of living in the now and forgetting how short life is, nothing is more relatable than relationship regret.

They say EM and D minor are the saddest chords in music composition. Enter EM & D in the chorus of Hello. EM is often the beginning of the story kind of sadness with D being a non conclusive end. EM is essentially HELLO and D is TRIED. And how sad is that? Nuf said!

Poster girl for the Classy, Sexy and Retro
While Taylor Swift wins for Christian c*ck tease & Ke$ha for plain sleaze- Adele comes in at Classy AND Sexy. With the sculpted face of classic silver screen goddess, she gets away with being heavier than most female pop stars. In fact her curves just help her hit the popular hipster / burlesque movement where retro, & renaissance is making a come back.