We get it, you just got that Tinder reply Saturday night that the busy high maintenance diva has a Sunday night free. Or maybe you have a surprise Grindr Rendez Vous and want to screen the dude in a public place first. Basically, you want to #WINGit and we’re here to help with 6 unique Wing flavors that are the best wings in Montreal as your last-minute-date saviors!

Downtown dating can be a catch 22, it’s conveniently located but it can be the epicenter of douchery, EXCEPT for a magical street called Bishop…

If you head to 1238 Bishop on Sundays, you will find 3 venues in 1.

A country bar and resto at street level called PISTELERO, a Gin bar above called Jon Doe and of course the infamous Comedyworks above both. It’s the perfect Sunday date night number 1 and (if it’s going as hot as their Revolver Wings) you can plan date number 2 checking out a comedy show.

Date night can also be with your business partner or Bestie, or you can fly solo but we recommend being a duo to share flavors!


Which of the Best Wings in Montreal Date-Flavour are you?

SALT N PEPPER: You’re a jeans and T-shirt kinda guy and you want him/her to know that right away. You don’t waste $ on fashion trends and you appreciate raw materials. You hate melamine but love recycled barn wood. You hate the clean shaven & the bearded hipsters, your facial hair is “When I feel like shaving”

SWEET CHILLI: You are not putting out on the first date! (Even in Montreal) You are the girl/boy next door and you are a meet-the-parents approved date. You are looking for love and you wear your heart on your sleeve. You hate mind games & love viral social causes like the save the ocean bracelets.

SPICY HONEY WITH ROSEMARY: You are full of surprises. Your date will not figure you out tonight. you are complex yet pleasantly familiar. You are classic yet confusing. You play games until monogamy sets in, but doesn’t everyone?

BBQ: You swiped right for a hot time tonight, nuf said 😉

HOT ASIAN: You are wild. You are ready to elope, have a one night stand or pick up your passport for an impromptu road trip. You are sexy and awesome but not to be trusted for a long term romance. You love travel, adventure and everything under the sun except commitment! Warn them with this flavor.

REVOLVER: You are a lover with a temper. Passionate, jealous and never boring. You are both thrilling and exhausting to date. Between the gifts and the make-up fights, you are offering a romance full of sex & drama. Once the flames of passion burn out you stick around. You believe in fighting for love.

So join us on Sundays for #WINGit nights where you can enjoy twelve 25 cents wings for every drink at 1238 Bisop!

Best Wings in Montreal