Hey! It’s good to be back! What do we have here? Oh! It’s Toronto pop/R&B group rIVerse. This one landed up in my inbox, and along April and spring time, it feels good, you dig?

In their upcoming release “Giant”, Dizz, Khadija, Zak & Monroe join forces and sing about total confidence and empowerment. Featuring iconic names such as Oprah, Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, and RuPaul, we are celebrating the giants in current popular culture and representing the underrepresented in a giant way. People of colour, full figured women and the LGBTQ+ community are sharing the spotlight to make you feel ecstatic with this anthem. “Giant” We especially love the RuPaul shout out as BestKeptMTL is a mega fan of mamma and her Drag races.

When you take powerhouse vocals and combine them with clever songwriting, slick beats and stellar harmonies you get a fresh new vibe.

Mix it with today’s tools and production techniques, you get classic, feel-good records that immediately give you life and a sense of nostalgia the moment you hear them blasting out on a party Boom box or a parc with friends. You know? Good time vibes.

The combination of Dizz, Khadija, Zak & Monroe creative input, each member has their own story to tell, but the overarching message of the group is one of self-acceptance, being true to who you are and living your life to the fullest. That’s also what is coming out of the first single.

It’s about self-empowerment, ‘Giant’ makes listeners feel larger than life – bringing the party with rIVerse strong personalities and unique vocals, grounded in the unique, unmistakable sounds of the 90s.

The diversity of the group fuels this mission
Diversity is key here, they all bring something different to the equation.

‘Giant’ will be rIVerse first release off their upcoming Ep ‘Glad to Meet You 2.0’ To be released later this year. It’s some quality feel-good pop tracks, that will definitely make you dance on a Friday night.