Another Weekend Of Free Montreal Events!

We’ve looked through what’s happening this weekend to find the best things to do in the city that are free! Whether it’s the museum, comics or rejecting the system, you’ll have a great time this weekend.

Montreal Museum Day (May 27) 

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Ever felt like hitting up multiple museums in a day, but get discouraged by the cost? Luckily one day a year, over 30 museums are free to explore and this Sunday you’ll have your chance. Whether it’s art, history, science or something off the beaten path, you’ll have your choice of subject matter across the city. For a brief rundown their brochure will get you started!

Comic Arts Festival (May 25-27)

Head down to Parc La Fontaine this weekend for everything comics at Festival De BD! Over 100 artists and different exhibitors will fill the park with art exhibits, comics, round-tables and more. There’s so much to take in they’ve broken down  exhibitors, signings, and a huge range of events that’s too broad to even broach. There are even contests! Whether you love comics or want to show off your own skills, this festival will definitiely be up your alley. Though exhibits and discussions are free you’ll need some money to take most of the comics home with you.

Free Entry To The Botanical Gardens (May 25)

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With nature really coming alive lately the Botanical Gardens were probably already calling you by now, but this weekend they’re FREE! For one day only, the garden  is free as part of celebrations for the 2018 Horticulture Rendez-Vous. On top of the entire gardens which is a deal in itself, that means you can take in over 65 different exhibitors on the grounds for free as well!

 Anarchist Book Fair (May 26 & 27)

Happening across two venues down at Vinet Park in St. Henri you can check out books, films, speakers and more at the Anarchist Book Fair. So check out Georges Vanier Cultural Center & Little Burgundy and St-Henri Popular Education Center will be filled with people checking out workshops and art, and it’s a great way to learn about a range of social issues. There’s a lot going on so check what you can expect here, and note there’s even  childcare there too!

Free Bixis! (May 27)

Whether you’re in Westmount, Longueuil or in Central Montreal you’ll be able to get to many of this weekend’s event by bike for free this Sunday thanks to Bixi! Over 6000 bike’s will be available for free at stations across the city. This might just be the perfect way to hit every single museum in one day, so step up to the challenge and start pedaling!