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Are you proud to wear Made in Quebec? | Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

Are you proud to wear Made in Quebec? | Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

St Jean Baptiste

Happy Birthday, Québec! It’s Saint-Jean-Baptiste weekend!

I know all of you are planning a crazy wild weekend, drinking a cold Labatt (or probably a case) under the sun, attending one of the many festivals, concerts, or events going on this weekend in and around Montreal.

But let’s all remember that La Saint-Jean-Baptiste, is the national celebration of Quebec!

Yeah, Quebec has great beer, good music and we for sure know how to party but what makes you proud of being a Quebecer. Think about it?

For me, it’s our talent, our fearlessness, and our perseverance, especially in fashion.

St Jean Baptiste

When I celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste day this June 24th, I’m going to raise a pint to our fashion industry. We have creators and designers who transport you to different levels of wearables, we have manufacturers who can produce anything you can desire, we have entrepreneurs who thought up innovative retail methods that make your life easier and we have wholesalers, and distributors that put us on the international map.

When you need new shoes you go to Aldo, when you need a summer cocktail dress or a dress shirt you go to Le Château, when you can’t be bothered with going shopping at all you thank Frank & Oak.

La vie en rose has everything underwear, Rudsak has everything leather, Arthur has everything tailored suit, and Lolë has everything yoga.

St Jean Baptiste
La Vie En Rose Anniversary

We have all these big set brands, but we also have amazing smaller ones. You need a cute bathing suit for this weekend, check out Mimi & August. You need a casual dress try Bodybag by Jude or Eve Gravel. You need a new bag, wander through a M0851 or a Matt & Nat. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

These were all birthed in Montreal; they are Quebec. Aren’t you proud?

Today I am talking to you, to the everyday consumer. The consumer who is going to buy yourself something new for his weekend. The consumer who is on the hunt for something that they have been needing for awhile. The consumer who is going to buy new clothes for their kids or who wants to treat his/her significant other. The consumer who lives in Montreal or just on the outskirts who calls themselves a Quebecer. I know you will walk into a store sometime in the near future, why not make it one born in Montreal.

Help another Quebecer out by buying local products. Help Quebec by investing in its workers. I’m helping you out by throwing all these stores and brands at you.

So this weekend, be a proud citizen and walk into one of these retailers mentioned above or one of these ones below, or simply check out their site.

I dare you to see what Montreal has to offer you in Quebec fashion. Trust me, you’ll be amazed.

Some local stores with local talent:

Belle et Rebelle – 6321 St-Hubert, Montréal, Qc

Evelyne Boutique – 5127 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, Qc

La Gaillarde – 4019, rue Notre Dame Ouest, Montreal, Qc

La Mistinguette – 4357 rue Wellington, Verdun, Qc

Boutique Unicorn – 5135 Saint-Laurent, Montréal, Qc

Onze  – 1126 ave. Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, Qc (3 other locations)

Have a great St-Jean my dear Quebecers and expect to hear more from these Montreal brands and stores, and many others.


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