The first bit of good news is Quebec’s 1st single malt whiskey can now be found on the SAQ shelves. The 2nd is that you’re cordially invited to an evening of discovery to taste, savor and appreciate the creations of Maison Sivo’s purely local craft distillery and ecological farm founded in 2014.

Maison Sivo, set on Covey Hill, at the foothills of the Adirondacks in Montérégie, has one desire: create unique and exciting products of ultimate purity. And due to high humidity levels and temperature changes, the aging process is much faster than if it were distilled anywhere else in the world.

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The Maison Sivo is paving the way towards the latest technology, at the forefront of innovation in its production, and mostly, in harmony with nature.

Janos Sivo, master distiller of Hungarian origin, in Quebec since 1981, inspired by his family and native Europe has a passion for craft production. Over the years, he succeeded at quite a challenge: to create the first Single Malt and Rye purely distilled here in la belle province.

Aside from Essence du Single malt, Sivo also makes a rye, moonshine, herbal liqueur, and fruit-based eau-de-vies. These not only make full use of aforementioned aromatic herbs and small fruits but harken back to the time and place where Sivo first learned to make alcohol.

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During this nocturnal celebration enjoy these exclusive cocktails:

L’Essence du Rye: Reveals the essence of an authentic Rye whiskey with power and lust. Bronze Medal Winner at
the New York International Spirits Competition.

L’Essence du Single Malt: Captures the complex flavour of the malted barley. Unique in Quebec, a captivating
journey into the world of the single malts.

Rebel Le Moonshine du Rye: Elaborated with two-thirds rye and one-third malted barley, Champagne yeast and the crystalline waters of Covey Hill. Bronze Medal Winner at the New York International Spirits Competition and at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Shaman: A herb liqueur based on an ancient recipe of the Bavarian Monasteries. Gold Medal Winner at the San
Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Raspberry eau-de- vie: Carefully developed at the farm in Montérégie by a German master-distiller. With its high alcohol content, its complex and fruity taste, this eau-de-vie is a most charming discovery for the amateur and the connoisseur.

Friday October 6th , 2017, 9 pm @ Club La Voûte
360 St-Jacques Street, Old Montreal

Win this custom Sivo flask! Check details on our Best Kept MTL Facebook page! The 3 winners will be announced on Thursday, October 5th @ 12 pm. It’s simple! Let us know your favourite cocktail of the night by commenting on our post! Good luck 🙂