This has been one exciting year for this boy. So many amazing opportunities have come my way & along with them, some of the more inspirational people I have had the pleasure of meeting in my life. I was reminded of this while attending the official launch party for new comer Visit MTL… let me paint you the picture.

I hustled out the door in the earlier evening, not realizing that despite the rain having stopped in my area, the downtown weather was not as giving. Walking out of the metro and immediately feeling bogged down by the humidity in my leather coat it was clear I may have made the wrong outfit choice for this event that I had no idea what to expect.

I got to the Ritz Carlton & was immediately greeted in the lobby. After taking my coat I was kindly directed to the elevator. A sudden sense of relief came pouring over me as I took in the warm decor of the hotel & felt much more comfortable, dry & intrigued to what Visit MTL had in store for their guests.

So up I went. Straight up to the top Penthouse to be exact. Being the local-tourist that I am, it was so exciting to see the inner workings of a building I am frequently around but never ever thought I’d be inside. As soon as I walked into the Penthouse suite, I found myself greeted by some very lovely smiles & a familiar faces.

12274215_1504789103154924_6064045314654433095_n (1)Taken back by the upscale environment of the suite, I found myself getting lost in the vast open concept space. When I wasn’t drooling over the chic perfection of the suite, I was lost in the captivating performance of the pianist killing the keys on the grand piano.

The open bar was a nice touch, but that’s hardly news! Enjoying some wine & beer while talking to the Visit MTL family was a great experience. Despite the colder wet weather, the environment inside the Ritz was nothing less than warm & inspiring.

The people behind Montreal’s new online presence has a clear vision. Montreal has always been a bit of a sleeping giant in the world of tourism. Visit MTL gives a unique voice to our city. One that mirrors the originality of Montreal.

We have lots to offer here & the passion for our town from the locals is like no other I have experienced across Canada. Listening to the staff speak only brought that fact full circle. Take note of their name, Visit MTL will no doubt become a driving force to our tourism & entertainment life in Montreal.

11069945_1438015233165645_6362213657548281879_nOn behalf of BandMark, I extend the biggest of congratulations to Visit MTL on their official launch! You guys hosted a fabulous event. Proud to see our logo there on your banner; I am looking forward to all the work BandMark will be doing with you in the coming months!

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