Nika Cantabile flutters about with lasting notes

This week, we discovered a new album drop:‘Naked Soul Opus 2’ by Nika Cantabile. Something that perfectly goes with the soundtrack of Autumn. The mysteriously enchanting season where leaves start to turn colours and winter’s white fairy land encroaches on the Northern hemisphere. As we prepare for the cold and magic ahead, we have Nika Cantabile playing by a warm fire. As we are currently in Val Morin enjoying the countryside, and as we get slowly sucked into this fairytale-esque soundtrack, we can easily imagine fairies playing on the river mist or was that dragonflies?

Nika might just be a 300 year old Japanese vampire or an ancient Celtic half-elf (or a bit of both). Because she has collected so many sounds throughout the ages, one has to wonder if she has had other lives… One minute her music takes us back to Medieval Rome where we may find Renaissance remnants combined with a fantasy video game. Then suddenly infused with Tori Amos folk rock, we get a familiar nostalgic feeling from the 90s where Japan anime & Pop Folk thrived. There is an overall country music vibe but infused with an elevator musak feel combined with East Asian sounds. Nika bridges a multitude of genres with her electronic violin playing and taking story telling & soundtracks to a new level.  A mysterious and enchanting visual concept reminiscing of Gorillaz, for instance or Fantasy Violin player Julia Okrusko.

She specializes in unique covers from shows and video games and has the Comicon audience already intrigued. Fans of Zelda & Lord of the Rings can find mystical strings, wandering beats and an electronic-fantasy escape.

Each song has a unique story to tell. We can def hear her influence of French Canada in the fiddle sounds of her Yamaha five strings electric violin in some of the faster, rockier tracks. These are contrasted nicely with the feel of more East Asian string instruments.

Our top 3 tracks have to be: 01, 07 & 15 but you will have to take a listen for yoursELF!

Listed as Prog Rock and Art Rock on iTunes, you can get the FULL ALBUM and Follow this intriguing musician on

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