O.k so you’ve been sucked into the retro everything hipster madness, we hate you but not on Christmas! On Xmas we think you have the right idea. Christmas is an old tradition that in many ways should remain classic and timeless. What better time to show off your vintage dress or bartending skills than a vintage cocktail holiday party! Here are 5 tips to make it all the rage:

BandMark’s 5 tips to the perfect Vintage-Hipster Xmas cocktail party!

  1. Classic drinks. Sex on the beach is too modern, stick to simple classics with few ingredients.
  2. Buy good liquor. Back then, you saved the good stuff for a party so don’t cheap out. Hendricks over Bombay.
  3. Add little retro touches like crystal stir sticks or lemon peel swirls. Perhaps your glasses date pre-70s too!
  4. The invitation HELLO! This is where things get fun. Pick a classic retro font from the era you enjoy the most (Tons here)
  5. If you’re hosting it, wear at least one thing that is very vintage like a 50s dress, 60s hive or if you’re a guy have fun with your hair, tie, shoes.

If you’re really awesome you will project old commercials from the 60s!