Velo Burrito is the kind of little business that could almost only exist in a city like Montreal, where the downtown core expands itself to a handful of small neighborhoods that sort of have their own eco-system. If you were to ask a Montrealer what are the “cool” hoods they would probably name all the ones that Velo Burrito cover. There is a definite understanding here of what are the happening hotspot neighborhoods at any given time combined with what a downtown core pizza delivery guy considers “Montreal far”. I tried them last night and I was beyond impressed. Decent sized burritos, arrived warm 🙂 Worried they won’t find your little street? They are bike messengers during the week so they know their way around town better than TAXIS!

Take a larger city like Paris or NYC and the numbers of “cool” hoods just get too expensive and biking a burrito within half an hour, would simply not be possible. Forget that the biker will pick up your party kit like beer and smokes on the way.

Shhh don’t tell the hungover McGill ghetto or the # will always be busy lol!