When REVERBNATION gave us the opportunity to do a shout out to their roster, we were excited but soon realized that most musicians cannot write music. They may sound good, be well produced and have a fantastic photo shoot but their writing skills are not enough to hook you.

Somehow listening to music back to back really emphasizes that above anything else.  It’s sort of like flipping through Harlequin romance back covers and then landing on Shakespeare.

Well this is what it was like with Valerie Broussard. She has the ability to belt out a powerhouse of vocals that were actually well written.  Some people think a sign of good lyrics is getting it stuck in your head but very bad music can do that, because what you are remembering is a very catchy formula on the edge of a pop chorus. What good lyrics does is get you to want to hear the whole album, hear the rest of the stories.

Valerie has some nice stories to tell. Some are about love, life and all are relatable in that bitter sweet lyrical sort of way. Our favorite is 39 Latitude which you can hear among others on her soundcloud.

Valerie Broussard is an American recording artist with a powerhouse voice and profound writing skills. Hailed as one of “music’s hottest upcoming acts” she is fresh off of headlining MS&K’s Pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles, at which she performed in front of over 500 of the industry’s best. She then made her way to London where she recently headlined The 100 Club.

In the last few months since graduating from university and deciding to pursue music full time she had also appeared at 12 Bar (London), The Basement (Nashville), The Hard Rock Cafe (Nashville) and Joe’s Pub (New York City). She has recently written and recorded with such acclaimed writers as Dale Oliver, Greg Becker, Alex Forbes, and Grammy nominees James Slater and Pam Rose. While she currently lives between New York City and Philadelphia, Valerie is a truly global act, having discovered her talent for songwriting while living in London for four years in her late teens.