I certainly got you with that title didn’t I. Vagina popsicles, sounds terribly wrong but they feel great and need to be part of every woman’s arsenal of natural healing. This one’s for the ladies and non-binary non-penis-owners 🙂 Contrary to popular belief, the pristine vagine is the cleanest body part on either a man or a woman. This in part because there is a constant flow like river of juices to ensure that dangerous bacterias cannot spend time stagnating or becoming infections. No other body part has equal defence mechanisms against invaders. This is nature’s way to ensure that the baby has a safe passage out into the world.

Occasionally however, this wet rose is unable to manage her intricate balance of good bacterias and optimal hydration due to environmental invaders such as harsh soaps, cheap black dyes in undies or a partner’s bacterial gift or bad diet. Sugar and refined flour are a great dietary enemy of the golden triangle and upset her mini ecosystem and that’s when common conditions such a yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis arise.

Thankfully my little pink paradise doesn’t run into much trouble. Possibly because I go commando at least twice a week, and sleep without any undies to let nature’s cool breeze do her magic. Unfortunately, last week after a morning quickie with my boyfriend, things did not feel right! I did not bother investigating which exact bacteria was off as I knew I was going to treat things naturally anyways. Whatever was going on was in the early stages of irritation so I started my research… I had remembered yogurt was a great line of defence but what if it was BV and not a yeast infection? Tea tree oil had to be part of the plan. I should note that we have been together for years so I knew it could not be an STD.

A good friend of mine reminded me that adding probiotics to the cure would be a good idea since that is why yogurt is even suggested in the first place. I had also read that freezing the yogurt inside a tampon applicator and then using the bullet sized vagina popsicle was not only a great way to treat infections but it’s a great preventative weekly treatment.  So without further ado here is the recipe that got my golden triangle back shiny and new in 72 hours. (and I think I shall do this weekly to maintain a good PH balance down south!)

Vagina popsicles good bacteria bullet

  1. 2 tablespoons of yogurt
  2. 1 probiotic mixed into the mix
  3. (freeze in empty tampon applicator)
  4. coat with tea tree oil and insert before bed

Hydrate yourself with ginger water to more balance. Read about it here.