The Music Streaming Service Uprise.FM Awards Adrian Krygowski the Grand Prize in its first Share Your Live Music Opportunity Supporting the Independent Artist Community

Daniel Lanois, one of the world’s most influential music producers, today announced the winners of Uprise.FM’s first Share Your Live music opportunity.

Nashville’s Adrian Krygowski – an up and coming musician known for his unique brand of aggressive soul-folk – was awarded the grand prize, which includes a $10,000 cash prize and a private recording session with Lanois, Uprise.FM’s Chief Music Curator. The winning entry is a live studio version of his song Roam, recorded in Nashville.

“First and foremost, it’s always about the music, and I’m thrilled to be working with one of the best in Daniel Lanois!” said Krygowski. “I also can’t wait for a transparent streaming platform that’s really dedicated to the needs of artists.”

Ben Caplan, a winner of the East Coast Music Awards’ Rising Star award, won an all expenses trip to Austin 2015. Ben’s recent version of his song Belly of the Worm epitomizes his bio description: rugged, raspy, and roaring with charisma.

Share Your Live’s third main prize, an Uprise.FM-produced animated music video, was won by budding Montreal indie band MinorSun.

Winners of the $500 gift certificates were: Jordan Officer, Lucas Marston, Narrow Plains, Aarmadillo and Anna Chase.

Uprise.FM is a new, artist-centric streaming platform dedicated to monetizing live and unique recordings – such as jam sessions, concert tracks, and alternative takes – and is set to launch later in 2015.

Lanois, a 10-time Grammy Award winning producer of classic recordings from artists including U2, Bob Dylan and Peter Gabriel, sees Uprise.FM as an opportunity for artists to get further compensated for their live and unique material, and for fans to discover new artists and versions of songs they’ve never heard before.

“It’s time for a streaming service that is centered around and driven by the artist community,” says Lanois. “Artists are prolific beyond a new recording every two years. They perform, tour, record, and collaborate constantly. Uprise.FM will not only make these rare and unique recordings available, it will ensure that the artists are fairly compensated for this work.”

Uprise.FM was founded by Montreal businessman and consummate music fan Gary Silverman, and entertainment lawyer Frederick Pinto.

As a fan, I was constantly searching music sites to find rare and unique material from the artists I follow,” said Silverman. “I began to realize that there was so much more music out there that fans want to listen to, beyond what you hear on commercial recordings and regular streaming sites. I wanted to create a platform where music lovers could find the live and unique recordings they’re searching for, while compensating these great artists for their amazing music that would otherwise be hidden in vaults or on hard drives or uploaded onto free sites.”

For more information please visit: www.Uprise.FM   General Contact: [email protected].