Ready to step into the 1920’s? Yes, way back to the Beaver Hall Group era. This Thursday, January 28th the creative organizers of Unplugged in connection with Colours of Jazz Montreal bring you a spectacular cabaret theme with festive burlesque accents, musical performances, and bars serving wine and scotch. A creation that will delight foodies and hedonists alike!

The Beaver Hall group of artists consisted of almost thirty members and associates – including many of Montreal’s best known artists – who banded together to promote modern art in this city from 1920 to 1923. It is usually thought of as a circle of women painters, but there were actually 15 male artists directly and indirectly involved in their activities. Although they were often regarded as the Montreal equivalent of Toronto’s Group of Seven, the members of Beaver Hall were instead committed to various types of subject matter and had almost no interest in linking art with Canadian nationalism.

Largely ignored and incorrectly described by historians and critics for most of the 40 years after its dissolution in 1923, Beaver Hall was an important phenomenon in the cultural city of Montreal. These artists defined a specifically Montreal based version of the 20th century modernist ideas and images.

Immerse yourself in this unforgettable world for one evening. This will be the only opportunity to see the exhibition while avoiding the line-ups for its last weekend.

Buy your ticket today by clicking here or join the Young Philanthropists’ Circle! Your membership includes 3 Unplugged events + 4 Art Series!

A look at one of the most spectacular paintings on display…