The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) has become the most visited museum in Canada. We are so lucky to have this establishment at proximity! In the past few years, they have focused on increasing the youths (25-45 years old) commitment to the arts by hosting their now well-known and continuously sold out Unplugged events

At the end of every major exhibition, a themed festive cocktail is created to celebrate and underline the exhibit’s traits. Launched to engage philanthropic art enthusiasm, the Unplugged events are creative, fun and affordable ($60/ticket). Including access to the exhibit, performing artists, drinks at no extra cost and of course – bouchées –  it is easy to understand why the events sell out fast.

What to look out for this Thursday: a live opera singer, an electric harpist and tableau vivant (a silent and motionless group of people arranged to represent a live modeling of the Italian city). The events are created by the executive committee of the MMFA’s Young Philanthropists’ Circle. The Circle is a group of young professionals who love culture and create various events that provide an opportunity to socialize and network while learning about art and philanthropy. Unfortunately, Pompeii is already sold out.  However, you can still go if you become a member!

For $250 (or $225 with promo code CJP_JANODY for a $25 discount) you receive a full year access to the Unplugged events (three or four a year), Arts Series events (think Unplugged at a smaller scale and reserved for members only), invitations to vernissages and a ton of other benefits. For more information and ability to purchase click here.