For years, Suite 701 was revered as Montreal’s hottest ticket to fine roof top dining with a spectacular view. It was definitely part of our Best kept lists… As part of the historical old Montreal Le Place D’Armes hotel, food and service quality should be policed. A recent undercover visit, was very disappointing and it will be the last time we step foot in the Suite 701, until they radically change management. To be sure, we were not just in a sour mood, we audited recent Trip Advisor and Yelp reviews for the same time period. Example while vacationers can be cruel with high expectations in a new city, generally speaking no one gets 1 star without a very good reason.

Bad service. The service started off completely absent. After a long wait, we seated ourselves in a banquette and alerted the staff of our presence. A rude disinterested and possibly hungover waiter came to greet us and threw the cutlery and menus which would not even be acceptable at a diner.

Bad & Expensive drinks. We chose some basic things from their brunch menu including their signature brunch cocktails. Cocktails were shockingly tiny and terrible. In a neighborhood surrounded by good cocktail opportunities, the bar tending skills and the expectations that a hotel bar in old Montreal will have the highest level of drink magic, is a given.

Bad & Expensive food. Now for the food… I ordered a panini type grilled sandwich which tasted like nothing. This was very odd given the number of promising ingredients like custom mayos and grilled peppers. I have had better sandwiches at Van Houtte. My boyfriend ordered an egg dish that he immediately blocked out of his mind when we left. It was a coldish egg on top of a bone marrow or something to that effect, with a few leaves of stale lettuce.

More bad service! Imagine, after the bad brunch, the waiter was nowhere to be found! We considered just dining and ditching. It is perhaps the only time in the last few years, I have found myself really wondering if I should leave no tip or a very bad tip. Knowing industry friends, and that the bad service might be a direct result of a badly running kitchen and manager, we still tipped fairly but reluctantly.

Go for the decor & view, then run away immediately before anything else happens at Suite 701!