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United Colors of Brentatton | UnifiedFEEL showcase

United Colors of Brentatton | UnifiedFEEL showcase

Brent Atton for UnifiedFEEl Art Director

UnifiedFEEL™ is a company that specializes in the visual development of creative content for the film, television and music industries, visual effects, advertising, print, online media and live events. BandMark was lucky to have Brent, the owner and artist behind UF, creating the beautiful new BandMark brand for our blog. We chose Brent because he is also an art director so I knew it would save me time. I wasn’t going to have to teach him color theory, aspect ratio or not using fonts like an all dressed pizza!  He came with the education and experience needed for the re-vamp of our website to be a smooth sailing creative process. We also chose him because of his style. Brent has had a lot of big agency experience for the music and film industry. Having done PINK’s last tour visuals was enough for me because I love her..  He also works with personal projects he likes that have a much more local and indie feel. He created the cover of Frederick Pinto’s first book: The Sabbatical as well as the poster for Go in the Wilderness, Elza Kephart’s latest feature film. He is one of those graphic designers who can actually free draw and create art in many different mediums. 

Because my vision was fairly specific, I also wanted someone who was well versed in artistic directives and would be able to pick up my instructions the 1st time. Brent was able to take the photography and logo and create a unique look that felt very music industry and also very artsy and fashion. Originally, we wanted to have different background for each category but in high resolution that got heavy for the site to load so I carefully merged my 2 favorite themes from Brent. Above is the original photo he worked with, now take a look at the site background and you will see the different things that have been played with in saturation, texture, contrast and the merging of our logo as well as other elements. View Brent’s portfolio in the above link to see the impressive client roster.

Brent likes to travel and he uses some of these travel hacks from Jody the Wellness Nomad.



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