As most of you know, the D-WAVE has come out with their most powerful little machine to date. So powerful in fact that NASA and Google had jointly ordered a 512 qubit D-Wave Two. The fact that it is a quantum computer already makes it far more powerful regardless of the impressive memory and speed. This is why:  most computers rely on the ON or OFF system. A binary code of 1s and 0s. Any typical task that we perform on a computer will look something like 00100001110001 so the transistors can only do 1 thing at a time. The difference between quantum computers is that they operate with a similar code structure but each 1 and 0 has a parallel world of synchronized usage so while a signal is on 1 the same signal can be on 0, but It’s more complicated than that. Also, while the same signal is on 1 and 0, imagine a lot more numbers and parallel ports and signals. As someone who loves physics and fractal math, I already have a basic understanding of what these signals look like on a microscopic level. My fear is that the weight of so much simultaneous data will go beyond our capacity to comprehend or control it, but then again- I guess we’ll just make another computer or better a robot to do that in our place.

In many ways, we are entering a dangerous world of unreal and infinite formulas and problem solving. The pros of these kinds of machines would be to have the ability to scan through genetic codes looking for the gene markers of diseases quicker than any team of chemists. An obvious con would be the security threats involved if hackers got their hands on one. Used for evil, these machines could devastate the banking information of an entire country in a few seconds.