Lately I decided to take my brain to new frontiers and have it venture outside it’s comfort zone. After surfing the net for a few hours I realized HOW obsessed we’ve become with exercising our brain. The very first prototype software to be launched was the Brain Age series (2004) on the Nintendo DS spawning a whole generation of brain training games. From Sudoku puzzles to speed memory games, testing our mental capacity has become the norm of modern social dynamics, pushing ourselves to our mental limits.

Our brain, just like a muscle needs regular exercise and challenge to build to it’s full potential. From research we know that brain stimulation can help prevent age-related cognitive decline, reverse behavioral assessment declines in dementia and Alzheimer. At this point, you may be asking yourself if the damage from your college party binging days can now be reversed… I know I am!

Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of ‘brain training’ games to be found online or on your smart phone. From a research standpoint I’ve only just skimmed the surface of what’s out there and the pros & cons of the TOP 3 recommended on sites. was so far the most insightful. But one can’t help but wonder how a few minutes a day playing… yes, playing one of these games can stimulate the brain and improve  critical thinking, memory, coordination, visual perception and word skills in a short time.

So look no further and start your free daily brain workout today! Consult these 8 brain training apps courtesy of  Which re’minds’ me that I need to check up on Lumosity’s community features and limit my project manager’s access from keeping tabs on how my brain training is progressing!