January 20th marks a day we at Best Kept Montreal are not looking forward to.

Trump’s Inauguration Playlist

We saw it coming, but we thought that somehow, the world would find a way to stop the most unqualified person in history from becoming a world leader. Armed with millennials and hope, we know that politics goes through waves of change and that in many ways this is America’s shadow and mirror.

This is the ultimate survivor show because America will need to survive their electoral system. The sun will keep rising and the earth we keep spinning and you are not alone our American friends, we got this.

While music fans with both bad music and political taste enjoy Trump’s sad celebrity playlist, like 3 Doors Down and other desperates.

We will be marching to our own drum and our own playlist. With rebellious anthems, angst and lyrics that speaks for us. We can enjoy some favorites like the classic intro to GNR’s CIVIL WAR: “What we’ve got here… is failure to communicate.”

Your friends, who still love you, up in the insured and unarmed snow,

– Canada