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True Currency | Paul Jacobs

True Currency | Paul Jacobs

As a total new comer to BandMark, I felt it was appropriate to write about another new comer, the Ontario-based musician/model, Paul Jacobs.

What can you expect from me and my column? Opinionated, brand new, weird, surprising and sometimes infuriating pieces of writing about the underground, emerging, explosive, incredible music scene here in Montreal.

As a musician, I also promise not to just blindly dog artists that aren’t to my own personal tastes. That would be just plain stupid. I will call it as I see it, though.

Now, without anymore bullshit, I had a second to have a hasty Q and A with ol’ Paul Jacobs himself. He’s only been in Montreal since September and he’s already melting faces. I got his two cents right here for you:

Ceilidh Michelle: Since you were coming from Windsor, Ontario, why not go to Toronto? What brought you to Montreal instead?

Paul Jacobs: I always had the best time playing shows in Montreal and I knew the rent was a lot cheaper, so I decided to come here. This city is also real fun.

CM: What do you think punk means in 2014? Does it mean the same stuff it always did? Has it evolved or devolved? 

PJ: Yeah I think it means the same thing, just having some attitude towards something and writing music. Still sounds best sloppy and full of passion. I think it’s evolved [but] it goes back and forth.

CM: What’s your opinion on the punk music scene on Montreal? 

PJ: The punk music in Montreal is awesome and the people attending the shows are even better. All the best shows I’ve been to / played were in Montreal.

CM: What’s the wildest show you ever played?

PJ: Most house shows are intense, or any [show that] you take mushrooms at. The most wild [shows] I’ve played [were] definitely house shows though.

CM: Do you remember the first time you ever tried being a one-man-band? What inspired you to do something like that?

PJ: I saw a Chad VanGaalen video in 2008 maybe, where he played a couple songs with foot drums. That’s how I first found out about it. I then used just a snare drum and bass to play my early sets. After turning that into a band (Raised by Weeds) and it fell apart, I decided to just make my foot drum setup better so I wouldn’t need to rely on anyone.

CM: You also play with local punk band Melted Faces. What’s your favorite part about playing in different projects?

PM: I like being able to stand up and move around. I also think Sean [Barnard, lead guitar player] is an awesome guitar player/song-writer. Both Sean and Tasha [Class, drummer] are cool as fuck.

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CM: I saw your face on some restaurant poster in the metro. How’d you get into modelling? Does it ever feel like a weird gig or does it come natural? Would you ever do porn?

PM: My girlfriend was modelling and a scout found me through her Facebook. She messaged me asking if I would do it, and I figured I could make some money. It’s a pretty easy gig, even though I’m not into the fasion industry at all. I did get a free trip to France though and was able to play a bunch of shows while I was there, so that’s cool. And I would only make personal pornos.

CM: Be careful they don’t get leaked. Anyway, what’s going on for you this winter? If people wanted to stalk you, where could they start?

PM: I’m working at a pizzeria in Saint Henri, making a little money. And I guess I’ll be at all the cool shows. Or else I’ll be in my bedroom, painting or working on a new album. Check y’alls later y’alls.

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(photo cred: Beatrice Flynn)

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