Osheaga is back! And how kind of them to give us the same headliners, just in case we missed them in 2012. But this ain’t about the headliners. Let’s get into the ‘obscure’ and the ‘unmissable’.

Personally, I’m more excited for the bands in the smaller print. You should be too because, as we traipse across the dry, barren dust bowl that is the Osheaga festival grounds, we will be exposed to the tragic realization that the Black Keys only sound good in the studio or that Weezer took the concept of torture-through-music and turned it into their latest album. We will need comfort. We will need to be soothed. Thurston Moore might do that for us, he’s always a classic standby at these things. Father John Misty’s last album was pretty incredible, and The War on Drugs make music that I want to live inside.

But the Osheaga lineup is vast, and though there are a few bands on there that might make us wince with emotional pain (brand New? come on, boys!), there are also a few musicians and artists that deserve to have us show up in front of that stage, snapping and sharing online photos and videos, and paying homage to their originality, creativity and hard work.

Here’s five of them:

1. Shakey Graves – If you’re looking for something that stirs the wanderlust up in your heart like a lackadaisical summer storm, Shakey, coming to us from Austin, Texas is a guitar strumming-wild-at-heart man who’s got a way with words and a way with music. Genuine.

2. Chet Faker – A recent discovery, I’m pretty glad his music came my way. Coming to Montreal from Australia, he’s everything you’d want in an electronica artist. If what you want is groovy, dance-y, sexy, chill and soulful.

3. First Aid Kit – I came across these sisters doing a Fleetfox cover, sitting in the forest wearing flannel shirts and ripping acapella harmonies that shocked me into goosebumps and silence. Nothing but awe and respect.

4. Milk and Bone – First of all, locals. Second of all, eerie-beautiful-longing. If you dig what sounds like fairies crooning across an electric current, a swell of bass-y dreams, then you’re gonna catch these Sirens.

5. A Tribe Called Red – I want these men to take over the world. I want everyone to know them. If I was looking for jobs I’d apply to be their roadie! Just like I want everyone to recognize that the slaughter of our First Nations people was genocide. Just like I want everyone to give props to musicians who make music of revolutionary quality, the stuff of global change, the stuff of sick sounds and dope beats, the stuff of change. Tribe Called Red, you are one of the most important groups in the world today.