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Trixie Whitley | POP MTL 2016

Trixie Whitley | POP MTL 2016

It has been a good 6 months since Trixie Whitley cancelled a string of shows back in Spring, due to her sudden awareness of being 11 weeks pregnant. The mum to be had just released her newest album and needed to take some time before hitting the road.

Luckily for us, this meant Trixie Whitley got to mark her return to the stage with POP MTL. In my opinion, one of the better festivals that showcase a wide variety of entertainment.

When I walked into the venue, I got a sense of sonic sedation. I mean this in the most positive way. Ghostly Kisses brought on an ethereal sense of sombreness that left me feeling sleepy, but as though I was being softly lulled away by the classically beautiful vocal performance from front woman Margaux Sauvé. I recommend getting lost in their music in the near future.

After a short break and a quick pounding of nice cold beer, the lights dimmed and Trixie Whitley made her triumphant return to the Montréal stage… a return that was craved by the audience


Seeing Trixie Whitley live was a long time coming…

Trixie Whitley is a rare creature. A special performer that clearly flourishes the second her foot hits the stage. Whitley makes it abundantly clear that this is what she is supposed to be doing. Grateful to be back and with good company that was arguably more grateful to have her there before them. As soon as Whitley opened her mouth, an overwhelming sensation of warm embrace took over L’Astral Theatre.

Make no mistake, Trixie Whitley is a multi-faceted musical force. Easily captivating armed solely with a microphone, the body language as Whitley sang for the intimate crowd-setting boasts nothing less than that of a well-seasoned performer. Taken to a higher level when adorned by guitar emitting striking riffs, rounding out the sound and enhancing the dynamic shared with her backing band.

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For me, the most connected I felt to the music was during select cuts from Whitley’s newest body of work, Porta Bohemica. There is a darker feeling to this record. A little more rhythmic and soulful, with melodies from a magical playground somewhere between alternative rock and R&B. This is a playground I’ve grown to be most found of. I practically live there and was elated to hear Trixie Whitley come join me at this party.

Sonically, the new material brought everything together and proved the depth that Trixie Whitley has artistically, solidifying her as a very eclectic musician and one of the better performers of this decade.

Colour me impressed by this first experience of Trixie Whitley on stage. Sending out congratulations on the return to the stage and new mum status. I will see you again any chance given!

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