I decided to take a little break and check up on a new Mac family business, a beach front resto called TRIBE that my brother and his wife Sophie recently bought. My brother has always been attracted to high risk ventures and a restaurant is def one of them!  It’s go BIG or go home for this one. With kids to juggle between shifts family life is tricky these days… the kids are high maintenance clients, who run in with their wet suits and sandy feet demanding special orders for their entourage of hungry friends!  The customers drift in waves from the hotels, board shops, parking lot and beaches – often sun stroked and confused as to what they want.  Because of all this, the menu needs to be simple.  A couple of healthy choices that are easy to take out or enjoy in front of the ocean view. Classics like smoothies, wraps and fries. The focus is Mediterranean/Asian cuisine with the oh so trendy gluten-free, raw and vegan options! Since I help out here at the smoothie bar and as a patio waitress when they get slammed – I have seen and tried the entire menu, so I can recommend my faves.  Here is my top 5!

Favorite eats from the TRIBE People’s Eatery beach resto!

1- Def the share platter with Lebanese/Mediterranean classics such as falafel, tahini, tabouleh, babaganoush and crunchy spiced pita chips.
2- The raw cheesecakes. These are sick and I now know how to makem! Cashew cream replaces milk and a buttery nut crumble makes for an excellent crust.
3- I feel guilty saying this because it is mostly a vegan and organic spot, but I have to admit the ribs and fries are not awful – both are air fried!

What makes TRIBE a particularly awesome venue, especially in my line of work is the fact that my brother is slowly turning it into a music venue. Having been in many bands and a guitar addict/collector, Marcus has turned the back of the resto into a lime light, jam sessions and booked shows. There is a reason White Rock attracts so many musicians. The close proximity to Bellingham, Seattle and the West coast in general. Also the even temperature attracts musicians with expensive equipment knowing their guitars wont warp in rapid temperature shifts. The other night I had the fortune of meeting one of White Rock’s music moguls. An older gent with a wide brimmed black cowboy hat and a Hugh Hefner smile named Douglas. His previous parties have gotten so out of hand that we received rules at the door! Stuff like “You are responsible for your guests, if they get out of line, you all go home”  I was Sophie’s guest (my sister in law) and I think I was not out of line haha. There I met a few cool bands whose names escape me, but whose crumpled up business cards I did keep and FB scribbles I will turn into a LIKE.

So.. if you LIVE or like to visit White Rock, give TRIBE a LIKE and pass by to check it out for yourself!
15622 Marine Drive, White Rock, British Columbia V4B 1E2 (604) 536-7026