Just in time for summer, this group will deliver some vibes to keep you feeling groovy with every chord struck and every note sung. Tribal Theory, based out of San Diego, are making waves in the Reggae scene around the globe. Not hard to believe with just a few spins of some tracks, they have a worldly sound that can be played commercially to varying markets. 

Creating a hybrid sound and borrowing influence from Reggae, taking the brut grittiness from ska, and some beautiful orchestrated R&B vocals. Tribal Theory fuses their Island Pacific heritage to their sound creating a globally appealing audio treat. Keeping focused on staying independet and remaining fully in control of direction, the result is a fresh take on the genre, some amazing vocal performances and production that shows depth and talent.

cropped-TT_2015_HiRes_1b_web3The memeber’s of this stand-out group all have influence of their home in their vision. With 2 of the members having moved to California to join the group, and the remaining  3 sharing the same heritage of Polynesian decent its not hard to see where their musicality comes from.

The vision behind Tribal Theory is simple. Tribal Theory is more than just a group, it is a lifestyle. One that promotes their brand of feel-good, west coast cool around the world creating a unity between fans and new listener’s.

With the band currently putting focus into their new record, a new single coming by the end of summer and a string shows in between. The group is staying busy and keeping true with their vision. Partnering this year with original surf brand Hang Ten Headwear, and about to celebrate the band’s 10 year anniversary (Yep, 10 YEARS!) Tribal Theory does not want to slow down, and nor should they.

As new music is finished up and given to the world, Tribal Theory invites you to feel their vibes and has a ton of material to help bring you to that smooth, ever-cool place. With 3 albums out on the market already, these will help you keep the summer flow going. Even on those slightly too cold for June days that we’ve been seeing up here in Canada.

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