Trentemøller’s output is never dull. Over the past decade the Danish producer has become a constant force in contemporary music, one that pushes boundaries and heads for new musical grounds whenever possible.

Lately I reviewed his repertoire and was amazed by the amount of album releases he’s had since my first attempt in hearing him live. His ambition and freedom can be found in some of his earlier works like Miss You, a melodic palette on The Last Resort album, a track that literally talks to your inner feelings

Like many who fully immerse themselves in instinctual sound creation, the only concern is letting your gut take the lead, followed by a studied execution for refinement. Trentmoller pays attention to atmosphere and the instruments of his design are revealed in the process.

With clean basslines and hissing synthetic snares, Danish techno producer Trentemøller is not so much influenced by them as radicalised, leaving himself with little agency of his own. His philosophy has always served as a beacon over the course of his adventurous career. This eccentric nature can be at times delightfully surprising and frustrating. You never really settle into a familiar place with his eclectic and random decor.

Trentemøller new Album Fixion is out now: The concert is produced by Evenko & Greenland. Tickets can be purchased here.

You can catch him at the Corona Theatre on 

Doors: 7:00 PM / Show: 8:00 PM