At this year’s POP Montreal I did the festival and myself justice by catching a record number of opening acts, as strange and obscure as some turned out to be. The ‘1’ that caught me by surprise was Light Fires. Hailing from Cabbagetown South, the story of Light Fires revolves around the outrageous drag Regina, aka Gentleman Reg and James Bunton from Ohbijou.

Most women know what they want. Regina knows what you want. Her solo act at Metropolis was mesmerizing, with her voice of a shady angel and a body made for breaking hearts, delivering anthems from the alleyways, and setting the night ablaze. Sorry CBC Music or… it was simply way too hard to pass up on this eloquently written passage “Riding electronic rhythms made by James, she skewers the room with her sharp heels. By her beauty and the beat, you are hers for the taking. She parades into your embrace. Regina is shadow and light, high kicks and deep splits, fierce tongue and soft touch. You already need her, and you haven’t even met her yet. Regina is a celebration of love… night… Regina is Light Fires, and Light Fires is what you’ve been missing in your life.” As for the headliners, The Unicorns they had a tough act to follow and this time around fell FLAT.

Light Fires has toured Canada and Europe, released a 7″ Single for “Ten Feet Tall / If You’re Bored”, and has shared the stage with the likes of Diamond Rings, Fucked Up, The Handsome Furs and The Hidden Cameras. On July 30th of 2013, Light Fires released their much anticipated debut album entitled “FACE”.

Catch an interview with Regina, courtesy of IN Magazine here.