Most of us by now have THE most popular IOS apps on our Iphone from Instagram to Evernote to Facebook… and engage in them daily like when you’re away and need info like turn-by-turn navigation and public transit directions… Google maps it is! Typically, I try to avoid at all costs paying surprise cell phone charges limiting me from streaming music from apps like SHOUTCast due to my very sad data plan 🙁 FREE is the way to go and here are some you’ll most likely use on the regular:

1- Flipboard – Your personal magazine, filled with the things you care about where you can catch up on news, discover amazing things or stay connected to the people closest to you – all in one place. The innovative design lets you flip the page up and down to whip through news stories and link social networking accounts to grab links from friends.

2- Camera Awesome – This app truly lives up to its name putting your default  iPhone camera to shame. You can tap into a variety of pre-sets to enhance your images, use stabilization feature, burst mode, and timers, plus the app outputs to a wide array of sharing services. Also, a number of filters are available to tweak images.

3- Jasmine – Feature-packed and a really good looking YouTube client app experience: not one of Google’s standards which generally feeds you cluttered lists of clips you aren’t looking for. Instead it shows off exactly what you’re searched in an attractive, streamlined manner.

4- Wikipanion – Searches Wikipedia through a fast, native interface where you can look up random curious thoughts or references from TV or podcasts. It filters the content of the beloved web encyclopedia into a simple native layout. You can view a table of contents for pages, search within, and even look up words in the dictionary.

5- Songza –  the unique streaming-music app takes the unique approach of picking songs and playlists to match your mood and/or setting using its music concierge feature. It also allows you to search for thousands of playlists, and it’s totally free to use with no obtrusive audio ads in the mix. Not to worry you won’t be hearing annoying Gillette Fusion ads like you do with Pandora! And yes, I regularly do tap into this app in a wifi zone!