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Tongue Scraping | 5 good reasons it should be part of your morning ritual

Tongue Scraping | 5 good reasons it should be part of your morning ritual

tongue scraping

What is your morning ritual? Tongue Scraping?

When we sleep our body is busy at work trying to detoxify itself —it is remarkable at self-healing. The brain and the digestive system have a waste management program. Dr. Mercola explained, “your brain has a unique waste management system, similar to the lymphatic system in your body…the glymphatic system, is activated during sleep”. This is why we should incorporate tongue scraping into our daily ritual.

It starts here: How long you sleep is important as the way you sleep.

  • Sleeping on the back is not recommended for people with sleep apnea and asthma. It can make it harder to breathe.
  • Sleeping on the right side can make digestive problems worse. Such as acid reflux.
  • Sleeping on your left may boost digestion. This is the lymphatic side. It will filter more toxins, lymph fluid and waste through the thoracic duct and the lymph nodes. Boosting circulation to the heart, this is the recommended position for those when pregnant.

Have you noticed a coating on your tongue in the morning?

When we wake up, the digestive (lymphatic) system dumps the toxins on our tongue. Therefore, it’s important to remove the tongue scum first before anything else. Otherwise, we are just swallowing the toxins again. Gently scrape 5 – 10 times with the tongue scraper. It is best to drink warm water with lemon, Wellnessmamma carefully looked into this and explains why.

benefits of tongue scraping
The Health of Your Tongue


 5 benefits of tongue scraping—known as Jihwa Prakshalana in Ayurveda traditional medicine.

  1. Hellitosis (not a typo): Removes the toxins and bacteria from the tongue which can cause bad breath.  It was proven that a scraper was far more effective than a tooth brush.
  2. Improves taste: scraping regularly increases the sense of taste which make us eat less. The taste bud receptors have numerous sensory cells  that will help eliminate the need to make food more flavorful.
  3. Improves Dental health: When we remove this build up from our tongues, there is less plaque. Hence, better oral health, reducing the chance of cavities and gum disease.
  4. Improves digestive health: just like our hands and feet, our tongue has a body map as well. Scraping gently stimulates our organs and increases saliva.
  5. Improves overall health: Removing bacteria especially important when sick. Overall, tongue scraping will help reabsorbing those toxins.

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