When my parents were feeling breakfast lazy, they made us these. My dad used to use the bacon grease left over as cooking oil but in 2013, we know saturated fats are totally evil so you might want to use another cooking oil of choice! I like nut oils, olive and occasionally use butter. So here goes. You will take a small spice jar top ( or any top which can act as a cookie cutter) and cut out bread circles making holes through each slice of bread. Then, you will let the bread cook a little in the oil (long enough to hear sizzles) before dropping your toads aka eggs- in the holes. Once you do crack the eggs and let them plop into place, you will want to season them with whatever you like. I enjoy smoked paprika, salty herbs and black pepper!



  1. 2 slides of break any kind
  2. Eggs (free run please!)
  3. Spices u like
  4. 1 tbsp cooking oil of choice