While riding the tour wave through North America, Tinashe brought her Joyride Tour through the 514 this past weekend. Her stop in Monréal was an intimate family affair, proving that her presence is never wavering.

There’s one statement that comes to mind when reflecting on this show; Production Value.

tinashe close WTinashe is still an up-and-comer. I didn’t have the chance to see her open for Nicki Minaj last summer, so I am unsure what she brought out to the table there. I am familiar with her performance’s in varying environments plastered all around the internet. I was pleasantly surprised to see that her show had a much more lavish design than what I had previously known from her.

Though Theatre Corona is a smaller venue, her set-up on stage mirrored that of what I had seen at Metropolis or even Bell Centre. They absolutely utilized the space they had to every square inch. With a center staircase which elevated Tinashe just below her small video screen. From the pedestals used by her dancers providing a texture look in levels, to the left-and-right platforms for the backing band, everything felt like a total connection.

The Joyride Tour shows a lot of thought and growth from an experienced artist with a clear vision. Tinashe takes you on a ride through her known hits, and successfully showcases some of her newer cuts off the yet-to-be-released Sophomore album. Acting as a partial listening party for what’s to come, while showing the world she is evolving as a performer just as efficiently as her music is.

tinashe looking WA huge shout-out to her crew of dancers. These girls know their shit. I often speak on the choreography of Tinashe being one of her strongest assets, and this show further reinforced that point to me. As a group, their moves were so tight and on point. A good testament to her band as well, the timing of each high note hit a specific move in the choreography without missing a second.

This is not to say that Tinashe is lacking in other departments. With minimal layers in backing vocals, Tinashe carried her songs live just fine. More so than I thought she could, to be quite honest. Sometimes on the record I find Tinashe’s voice to be monotonous, and in show she showed a little more range than on the record. There is a sure sweet spot for Tinashe, however, that works perfectly for her delivery with the high energy of the choreography fans and public have come to expect.

Some of the worlds top pop performers hardly sing live when tackling movements as strong as Tinashe did. Tinahse’s voice stayed strong through the whole set. A point a slight bit off pitch, but it’s so imperfect moments, one where notes are taken to a higher octave, that show more candid creativity and depth in artistry. So with that said, I tip my hat to you Tinashe, I did not expect that from you.

The group of performers in their entirety felt like a smooth ride through their hour long performance. Obviously rehearsed to perfection, but felt completely natural to watch and be a part of. I recommend seeing Tinashe at any chance you have, fan of her albums/singles or not.

tinashe arms up W

The caliber of performance shown in Montréal was a testament to her potential and could rival acts selling out stadiums around globe… that is, if given the chance. All the more reason to go out and buy a ticket. More money to sink into production will go a long way for Tinashe, and she deserves to put on the show of a lifetime like the Beyoncé’s of the world can afford to do.

A big thank you to evenko for hooking this show up! A personal thank you, and welcome to the team to Alexandre O. Denomme for coming out to shoot the show!