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Since I can remember, there has been no shortage of female-driven Pop/R&B. With that said, there are few that can bring something to the table worth of sticking around the public eye. Every so often, a newcomer hits the scene full force. Tinashe is one of these artists. Her new single Player proves this point, having over 17 million views & climbing strong!

I personally dub this lady the answer to Aaliyah, the fallen angel of 90s R&B. Tinashe brings a fresh take on what contemporary R&B is meant to sound like. Though she is just starting to make waves, this is a lady who is not entirely “new” to the industry. Gearing up to release her sophomore studio effort, Joyride, Tinashe will stop through the 514 this coming weekend on The Joyride Tour.

I have been paying attention to Tinashe for a few years now. She dropped some of the most thought out mixtapes I have ever heard from an R&B songstress. Anyone who loves a good radio-smash from the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj & other similar artists should stop sleeping on this girl. Mark my words, Tinashe is about to bring out something that is sure to go viral. She is here to come for that top spot. Whether she can reach it or not is a question that remains to be seen.

The Joyride Tour will make it’s stop in Montreal March 6 at the Corona Theatre. Tickets are available at evenko for about $30. Don’t miss your chance to see the world’s next reigning R&B/Pop superstar. Stay tuned right here with BandMark for event pics & review!