Montreal’s thisquietarmy, AKA Eric Quach, is perhaps Canada’s biggest independent artist you have never heard of.

For over 10 years, he has operated on the fringe, as his blend of drone and ambient music is certainly not what appeals to the masses. That said, he is one of Canada’s leading lights in the genre.

Things you need to know about thisquietarmy:

thisquietarmy never stops.

Using the word “extensive” does a disservice to the mountain of releases Quach has put out over the years. His Bandcamp page alone boasts a staggering 54 releases. FIFTY FOUR (Quach told me himself even he isn’t sure of the total number of releases he has done).

Did I hear you say prolific? Yes, I did. As well, many of these releases have been put out physically by some of the most renowned record labels in the genre, either on cd, vinyl, or cassette. This band never stops.

Quach also operates his own record label, TQA records, where he now releases the bulk of his recorded output. thisquietarmy never stops.

In 2017 alone he released 2 full length records, a split release with Thank U For Smoking, and a 480-page coffee table book, with a bonus Flexi 7 inch, titled “thisquietarmy – Conqueror: 2009-2017” which showcases all of his tour photography (Quach is also a very accomplished photographer in his own right) and entries from his personal touring journal. This band never stops.

The man tours constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY. thisquietarmy has been known to spend the better part of a year on the road. In the last year alone, thisquietarmy has played over 70 shows.

When he’s not busy recording new music, playing local shows, or running his label, you can be certain that Quach can be found playing sets around Europe, South America, the USA, Asia, and Russia (new ground he will be covering this year). You name it, there’s a chance he’s been there. thisquietarmy never stops.

In February, Quach will be taking up residency at Sound Central Store (easily Montreal’s best record store) where he is set to play a show every Sunday for the whole of the month and will also be exhibiting some of the pictures from the Conqueror book.

The book, the accompanying Flexi 7 inch, and his many more recent releases, will be available for sale at all of these shows. Last Sunday was the first of the 4 shows, a solo set of classic thisquietarmy drones and noises. The remainder of the month will involve Quach playing with a number of guest musicians each week. The one I’m really looking forward to is the show on the 17th as the audience will be treated to a full band version of thisquietarmy, featuring members of Near Grey and Montreal premier purveyors of freak out jams, Squalor. Catch him while you can because after this, thisquietarmy is leaving for a good 2 months to go on tour all across Europe (from Portugal to Siberia, his sixteenth tour of the old continent and his first in Russia where he will play alongside Canadian transplant Aidan Baker of Nadja ). thisquietarmy never stops.

thisquietarmy February Residency at Soundcentral:

Feb 04 : thisquietarmy (solo)
Feb 11 : thisquietarmy x Squalor
Feb 18 : thisquietarmy (full band quartet)
Feb 25 : Sunday AfternoonDrones, Vol. 2 with:

Hi My Quiet Tsar, Maggot Breeder, Gmackrr, Evoked Response, Cablebank, Marc-Olivier Germain & more

All events start at 4 pm. PWYC.

4486 ave Coloniale,
Montreal, QC
H2W 2C7

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