I’m tired, I’m overworked but I had to take some time to share this discovery… I’m a heroin pop, retro lounge and garage rock addict but I could live on airy electronica for a while. It is girlie music. It is like lip-gloss, most guys would rather you didn’t wear it because it sticks to their lips, you wear it for you and to show others girls the yummy new shades. Noosa, to me is on that kind of playlist – the one I play while doing my hair, gazing out my window or pouring myself some PMS wine (yes we do that!). Noosa has the teary eyed classical beds that make Lana Del Rey capture every girl’s memories of  sparkling Summer crushes contrasted by deep sad Mazzy star-ish whispers because, well he went back to his home town at the end of vacation.

Debut LP “Wonderland” is a collaboration with producer Mickey Valen, recorded in Noosa’s hometown of Long Island. The inspiration of “Wonderland” comes from Noosa’s long desired departure from New York and fascination with life’s possibilities on the west coast. Noosa finds a place to portray a sense of lightness, honesty, and wonder in her music coined by her as “fairy-pop”. It is an arrangement of nature interspersed with pop music that gives Noosa her free-flowing and memorable sound. I can imagine this music having played in 6 feet under, in the road trip SIA scene.. you know the one!