…Where Will You Be?

The aptly-named Witching Hour production company has put together Bandmark’s Halloween pick of the year with multiple bands, DJs and other attractions. Nirvana cover band April Hate plays the music of their dead icon. NooM and Death Proof complete the bill, band-wise. The short band sets are all really just a bonus ’cause the master of ceremonies at this event is CKUT’s Heavy Rotation host DJ Slyde. If you don’t know him already go check out his website discobreak.com, Slyde is a prolific mix poster with a selection for every occasion, as dedicated to studio work on his own time as he is to rocking dance floors in the public eye. This week’s Halloween mix features music from John Carpenter, J.S. Bach, Suspiria, Clockwork Orange, Mike Oldfield and more. (((LISTEN TO IT RIGHT HERE)))

Opening DJ La Terreur appeals to my mortal weakness for vinyl -by using it. The event will also feature a mini bazaar thing and additional artists on site including John Boyle-Singfield, Silas Borsos, Stefiction Sista Design and Mamaya… More than just a sick club night with three bands, DJs, lots of booze, and people dressing up. At Cabaret Mile End, 5240 Parc Ave. Buy Tickets and Witness Nonchalant Use of the F-Word Here.