When we think Inca civilization, Peru ranks #1 in most of our minds. Thanks to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), Peruvian government and city of Lima, the exhibition Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon came to fruition. Conceptualized, organized, produced and toured by the MMFA, it displays an impressive collection of pre-Columbian treasures and masterpieces from the colonial era to Indigenism. There are over 100 pieces that have never before been seen outside of Peru and 350+ works of art, including paintings, sculptures, gold and silver ornaments, pottery, photograph, works on paper, textiles and videos from close to fifty public and private collections, most of them from Peru but also from North America and Europe. The exhibition covers 3,000 years of history, including archaeological discoveries in recent decades.

Exhibition layout:

  • Section 1 explains how archaeology rewrote the national history beginning with the discovery, in 1911, of Machu Picchu to the recent restitution of artworks;
  • Section 2 focuses on the myths and rituals of the early civilizations of the Andes, highlighting their role in forming and shaping Peruvian identity during the pre-Columbian era;
  • Section 3 illustrates the perpetuation, concealment, and hybridization of the indigenous culture during the colonial period;
  • Final section highlights the rediscovery of this culture in the 20th century and the revalorization of ancient symbols of identity in contemporary Peruvian iconography.

BandMark was fortunate enough to be invited to the last 2 Young Philanthropists’ Circle unplugged events, an initiative of the MMFA. At the end of exhibition period the committee invites it’s VIP members to discover or rediscover the exhibition for a lively and eclectic event. Click here to become a member of this exclusive network of professionals who share common interests and support the same philanthropic cause: art and culture. Join us tomorrow (Tuesday, June 18th) @ 6pm!