Well we knew they were going to be LEVIS but not that they would be from 1879 which seems odd because if I imagine people from that period I REALLY cannot imagine any of them wearing jeans!! Originally built for the working force only of labor intensive factory and farm work, jeans were simply supposed to be more durable pants. Never did they imagine back then that the future would be a world with haute couture demin, worn by the rich and the fabulous. Imagine now, a blue collar sort clothing item like construction boots. Now picture very expensive ones with rhine stones and gold lace hoops and put them on Prince william- that’s what happened to jeans historically!

How come no one has tried to blow LEVIS out the water and they are still a huge seller? They patented the classic LEVI STRAUS double arc back pocket stitch and have successfully sued anyone who has tried to imitate it over the years! Big names such a Ralph Lauren, Esprit and Lucky brand have been sued over this design pattern.