You know that question: If you were stuck on an island blah blah and had to pick one thing to eat.. croissant. Freshly out of the hypothetical oven on my deserted island, and slapped with a fine golden drizzle of salted freshly churned butter. Flaky on the outside and soft on the inside. Now the last thing I just said, well those are key. Outside and inside. For me and a lot of croissanaisseurs, there are a few requirements here in order to score well.

The outside cannot be too flaky. Flaky means dry and messy. The croissant must be crispy but be able to maintain its form to some degree after you take a bite. Now the inside. For me, the inside needs to have a slight stretch. If the inside is more bready like a baguette or too fluffy like a pastry, the croissant failed for me. I like that soft buttery stretch. Often there is a very dense and buttery core. Now for the grand finale ultimate croissant god level criteria. The ends. These delicious spirals usually have a nice crunch as they are slightly more baked than the rest and they should taste even more buttery than the rest. This is probably not because they ARE more buttery, but simply due to the sheer density of the many layers of coiled dough.

In the past few weeks, I have sacrificed my waistline for you and tested out 3 of the best croissants in Montreal and the verdict is in!

1st place: La Gascogne – 237 Avenue Laurier Ouest Outside: 10/10 Inside 10/10 corners 10/10 For me it is the ultimate croissant and I have not even tasted better in France.

2nd place: Christian Faure -355 Place Royale Outside 8/10 Inside 9.5/10 corners 9.5/10 Another excellent croissant, but for me too flaky.

3rd place: Au Kouign-Aman -322 Ave Du Mont-Royal Est Outside 8/10 Inside 9/10 corners 9/10 A great croissant, a little heavy for me.