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The Fine Line | Band on the rise

The Fine Line | Band on the rise

In an incredibly refreshing performance, The Fine Line played on March 14th at La Verre Bouteille. First of all, for those of you who have yet to discover this magical secret venue, thank the Fine Line for appreciating it enough to get us all down there. Brick walls, velvet curtains, a beautiful bar, and a sound that is on par with venues such as Theatre Rialto or Metropolis, the soundman is named Wiles (thanks to the cream ale, I don’t remember his first name). Such amounts of professional audio skill. Go there. Listen.

The Fine Line, evolved from Milo McMahon’s solo stuff, has come a long way: literally. They just finished another east coast tour, and will be heading out on their second national and European tour in the months to come.

But The Fine Line is bringing more than just a solid work ethic to the table. For those of you who had the good fortune to follow the growth of McMahon’s music, listeners can appreciate the musical evolution of the solid rocking songs. Adding Ben Brimacombe on bass and Mike Beaton on drums in what is a seriously tight percussion and rythym section, The Fine Line is complete.

Executing a set that, from constant touring and gigging, has become seamlessly tight, The Fine Line rocks out in Red Hot Chili Pepper-esque jams, then contrasts that with beautiful ballads that roar on into instrumental melodies. With an exuberant stage presence that is totally inclusive of audience members, The Fine Line is at once humble and hilarious, energetic and awesomely talented.

Though he tried to keep it a secret, the news that it was McMahon’s birthday got out – his lovely friends threw a handful of balloons onto the stage between songs.

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Playing new tracks like “Fake it Til you Make It,” and older tunes like the fingerpicked “Caveman“, riffing comedically between songs, The Fine Line is engaging, and heartwarming. (The band hugged it out after the set, and were grinning the whole time, drinking martinis, stomping on balloons and generally spreading an infectious feeling of wildness)

What’s next for The Fine Line? When getting a chance to catch up with Milo, he spoke excitedly about the upcoming tours, and plans for shooting a music video. This band is definitely keeping an eye and ear out for.

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