Jesus was planning a great weekend
Of dinner parties and travels
to Jerusalem

But Judas was jealous
His social life sucked
So he traded his loyalty for a few silver bucks

A lot of priests secretely hated on Jesus
Since he was pretty cool..
He was good looking and kind and magical too

But Jesus was smart, he knew Judas betrayed him
And this kids, is where the story gets wrong
Why did Jesus follow along??

He went to his dinner party, even know he was sad
Because he knew it would be THE LAST SUPPER he`d have
Judas felt guilty, that he was such a deceitful guest,
Apparently he could hardly eat, and he left

The next day kids, is where the story gets ugly
S&M for Jesus and we think it`s just  lovely!
Nailed to the cross, whipped and hung
Why do we celebrate this dinner gone wrong?

Apparently we are also waiting
For zombie Jesus to raise  from the dead
Because your best friend`s betrayal and a post
dinner murder, is not exciting enough they said!