The Blaze on Stage

Last week, The Blaze set Montreal on fire as they played for a soldout MTELUS. We only heard about them a couple of months ago and decided to head to their live show to check if they were legit. It was their first tour, the first time they would actually play in front of an audience, and we have to say they absolutely killed it.

The most intriguing French group of the moment, known for their cinematographic short films, released their debut video, Virile, on Brodinski’s Bromance Records. Shot in camera hearing, it only featured two bros wearing sweatpants, dancing and smoking pot in their room overlooking an urban jungle. Inspired by a melancholic electro-house music, the alteration of their senses makes their bromance take a sensual turn. Designed as an actual short film, Territory leaves French ghettos in favor of Alger’s sun. A young man gets back to his family, his friends, and long-forgotten surroundings. The music video plays with the feeling of wistfulness, mixing hip-hop standards with a very gay-friendly celebration of friendship and male bodies, contrasting with the usual apology of manliness.

The Blaze - Virile

The Blaze - Territory

Heaven was the final piece of the video triptych that brought them the enormous notoriety they will surely continue to enjoy. Among a joyful community of family and friends, it captures an idyllic outdoor scene full of innocence. If Guillaume and Jonathan Alric became famous thanks to their realistic, humanist music videos, they also know how to make electronic music imbued with a feeling of nostalgia. Their voices are tampered with, almost like if they were too shy not to hide behind a deeper tessitura. The result is beautiful and it made them instantly recognizable.

On stage, they deliver a sense of freedom and transcendental love. The scenography is simple, almost minimalist. The two cousins face each other, in the dark. The visuals surrounding them are bright and warm, taking the audience to a mesmerizing universe. The band is as dedicated to the melodies as it is to their visual representation. They created a strong link between music and image, enhancing the codes by using contrasts to express the full potential of their poetic selves. Indeed, the Parisian duo is both strong and reserved. Inspired by the YouTube generation, they developed a distinctive integrative method that involves interlocking sound and visuals. We can’t wait to discover more of their creative unity.

Listen here

The Blaze - Live

Photo Credits: Elise Koutnouyan, Benjamin Loyseau

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