We hear lots of great news about how red wine is good for the everything, but never about swearing! Well, after landing on a study that demosntrated that people who were swearing were able to sustain their hands in freezing water longer vs the non potty mouthed, I decided to look futher.

Let’s review the obvious ones:

Self expression and stress relief
We do not need double blind studies for this one. Anyone who has sworn before, knows that is releases tension. Partly because it is very hard to get revenge on the edge of the table which stubbed your toe. Swearing feels like revenge, and people do not limit their swearing to the animate.

Imagine that! The health benefits of swearing include increased circulation, elevated endorphins , and an overall sense of calm, control, and well-being. Psychology Today has a wide range of health benefits.

Particularly for those who have mastered the English language well and who wish to creatively use it, swearing can give one an immediate chuckle from having strung together a creative swear rant. Having grown up with a fiery Scottish alpha male dad, I can tell you I have heard a few good ones! This blogger think even kids should be aloud to swear and the comment section reveals that parents who have aloud this, have found that their children did not abuse it anyways. Imperfect Parent has a lot to say about kids and swearing!

Because you want to and classy educated people do it too!
I’m sure you have sworn and had someone say “Oh my god, that’s so trashy!” but why? Why can’t classy people swear? If you have a great vocabulary and you are not simply swearing due to lack of mental Thesaurus, go right ahead! It will not only help the prejudice but it will make you feel fucking great!